the beautiful bowl

More recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") ...a very nice & most interesting gentleman.

He accepted one of my finer pieces as a personal gift, and seemed most  genuinely appreciative. 

​A memory I'll treasure...

I had the pleasure of meeting Diane Rehm in Spring of 2018. 

I was able to present her a bowl that I made just for her. 

Lettering on the piece said,

​"Please answer the question. 
-  D.R."

​​​​Studio Open House 2022
This year’s Pottery Studio Open House was a
big success.  All sales went to Texas Public Radio
and Planned Parenthood.  It was very gratifying
to me to see so much of pottery finding a new

 I’ve already begun working on the wheel
making new ware for next year’s Open House. 

 If you want to visit the studio, send me an email. 

We want to thank all of you who came 

purchased my pottery in support of

a couple of our favorite charities, and enjoyed a

mimosa or two --- and made this a banner year !

--- Dudley and Cindy

Susan Stamburg of NPR with Dudley