I count this as a "Like": 

My son, Adam, gave some of my pottery to a friend of his.

Here is a message he got from Holly. 

I would like to thank you once again for the beautiful pottery. 

I want you to know that one of the bowls he made is now "My bowl" as in "The Bowl" as in... if it goes in a bowl, I'm eating it out of that bowl. 

I've been known to choose my lunch based on if it can be eaten in a bowl so I can use The/My bowl.

It's become a daily fixture of pleasure in my life. The color, the texture, the weight of it. The gratitude I feel when I use it.  

So, would you please relay that to Dudley for me?  

I had the pleasure of meeting Diane Rehm in Spring of 2018. 

I was able to present her a bowl that I made just for her. 

Lettering on the piece said,

​"Please answer the question. 
-  D.R."

Dudley’s work is currently being featured in ​The Jingu House at the Japanese Tea Garden.

Dudley has been making drinking bowls to celebrate special occasions.  If you have an anniversary coming up, send an email to set up a visit to Dudley’s studio.

Dudley presenting check (proceeds of 2023 Annual Pottery Sale) to Texas Public Radio

Susan Stamburg of NPR with Dudley

Would you like to visit Dudley’s studio and see his work?  Just send an email to Dudley at :

dudleyharris@mindspring.com, or click here to use my Contact Form !

More recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") ...a very nice & most interesting gentleman.

He accepted one of my finer pieces as a personal gift, and seemed most  genuinely appreciative. 

​A memory I'll treasure...

the beautiful bowl