Mr. Covid  says: "No Pottery Studio Open House this year"... ( No Bueno ! )

"No mimosas?" ... 
( No mimosas ! )

"No pottery bargains?" ...
( Whoa ! )

We say: Pottery bargains can still be had.

You can make an appointment and have the Pottery Show Room all to yourself.  We have a nice selection of pottery and some new photographs.  If you’d like to visit, send me an email to to request an appointment.

Here’s how it works…

•       Wear a mask

•       Use hand sanitizer when you
enter the Show Room

•       Make your selections

•       Wrap your selections in
newspapers provided

•       You may use the paper bags
provided if you wish

•       Use hand sanitizer on exiting the building

•       When you are home, total the prices of your purchases.

•       Add 8.25% sales tax

•       Mail your check to:

Dudley Harris
219 Palo Grande
San Antonio, TX  78232

We hope next year will be more fun!

--- Dudley and Cindy

I had the pleasure of meeting Diane Rehm in Spring of 2018. 

I was able to present her a bowl that I made just for her. 

Lettering on the piece said,

​"Please answer the question. 
-  D.R."

the beautiful bowl

More recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") ...a very nice & most interesting gentleman.

He accepted one of my finer pieces as a personal gift, and seemed most  genuinely appreciative. 

​A memory I'll treasure...